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There will be six competitions during the season (3 x Digital and 3 x Print)

Each competition will be held on a separate night - the intention is to maximise the judging time availale on competition night.



There will be TWO themes (CONTRASTS and ON THE STREET) for the DIGITAL section, plus ONE open competition.


There will be ONE theme (TRANSPORT) for the PRINT  section, plus TWO open competitions.



All images, either print or digital must originate from either digital capture or from traditional film. Where digital capture has been used, the Competition Secretary reserves the right to see the original with RAW or .jpg as generated by the camera or recording medium.The whole of the image must be taken by the photographer and that person must hold the copyright to all parts of the image used



NB: submission of images for entry into a competition indicates acceptance that these images may be displayed on the Society's website.

This includes the top five scoring prints - for which a digital version of the image, conforming to the normal digital entry requirements, will be required.


All competitions are open to all members of the Society regardless of experience and we encourage as many members as possible to enter as they will benefit greatly from the comments made on the images by the judge - who is not a member of the Society. We also hold internal appreciation evenings when the images are commented on by members of the Society and the member will also be asked to give any comments they wish on the picture and any reasoning behind why it was taken and any post production work on the picture.


There are two general classifications:   DIGITAL   and   PRINT


For each competition, a member may submit up to THREE entries. Entries cannot be entered in more than one competition if they have been awarded a placing or highly commended. Entries that are similar to a previously-awarded entry are also excluded. Entries that have not been placed may be used in another competition. The best TWO scores from each member in each competition will count towards the final results.


The judge will give each image a score out of 20 and will be asked to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and as many "Highly Commended" or "Certificate of Merit" awards  as he/she considers.


When there is a set subject, the image should be the member's visual interpretation of the subject and that interpretation will be taken into consideration by the judge as well as the technical qualities of the picture. As part of these rules, there will be guidance notes on the set subject which will also be given to the judge.




These should preferably be mounted and the mount should be to a maximum size of 500mm x 400mm. Prints in excess of this figure may be excluded at the discretion of the Competition Secretary. There must be nothing on the front of the print that will give any indication as to the identity of the author. On the back of the print there should be a title of the print and its author. The title should be on the top edge of the print so that the presenters will know which way the print is to be displayed.


The titles should be emailed, handed to or posted to the Competition Secretary to be received no later than MIDNIGHT on the THURSDAY before the date of the competition. The actual print to be handed to the Competition Sectretary no later than 19:15hrs on the competition evening.




The digital image should be no larger than 1400px x 1050px, with the 1400px being the horizontal dimension of the image and the vertical dimension being no larger than 1050px even for a portrait image. Images should not be larger than 1.5Mb and they should be saved as a .jpeg file.

The images MUST be:


  *   Emailed to the Competition Secretary by no later than MIDNIGHT on the THURSDAY before the date of the competition OR

  *   Handed on a disc or memory stick to the Competition Secretary either at a meeting or at his home by the THURSDAY before the date of the competition.


The images must all be titled as follows:

The title of the picture should be in capital letters for the whole of the title, followed by the word "by" and then the author's name in lower case with capital letters only at the start of each name.


Example:   THE RED COAT by Brian Davis.jpg


NB. problems have been experienced with digital images that have been saved in Paint Shop Pro - as it saves the file as a .JPG and is not recognised by the marking software used by the Society. If you use this program, please discuss it with a member of the Society.



Competition Secretary:

Brian Davis 

1 New Road, Wingerworth, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S42 6TB

Tel: 01246 275433


(Winter Season 2017-18)


8th Mar    Theme is "On The Street" (DIGITAL)

                                                TITLE                                                             ENTRANT                        PTS

© All images are also copyright to the photographer, please contact via email if you are interested in using any photographs


1       TWILIGHT WALK IN RYE                                             Paul Townson                            20

2       WAITING                                                                        Paul Townson                            19

3      STREET PORTRAIT                                                      Simon Beynon                           18

3     WE LIKE TO LISTEN                                                     Simon Beynon                           18

5      DIZZY HEIGHTS                                                            Stephen Frost                            17

5      FIVE                                                                               Simon Beynon                            17

5      LEAVING HOME                                                           Stephen Frost                             17

5      POSH CAR, RUNDOWN STREET                                Martin Mosley                            17

5      REFUGE IN THE ALLEY                                               John Rutherford                       17

5      SHELTERING FROM THE SUN                                    Shirley Davis                            17

5      STEPPING UP                                                               Andrew Evans                          17

5      THE LANE                                                                      Paul Townson                         17

13    FEET STREET                                                                Will Nightingale                      16

13    INDIAN ROAD WORKS                                                  Brian Davis                             16

13    LAST BUS GHOST                                                         Andrew Evans                        16

13    LITTER                                                                             Brian Davis                            16

13    LONDON STREET PARTY                                              Richard Beresford                16

13    MIRAGE? - NO IT'S A WHEEL                                      Martin Mosley                         16

13    STREET ARTIST                                                            John Rutherford                     16

13    WAITING                                                                         Richard Beresford                 16

21    CHRIST ON THE STREET                                             Will Nightingale                     15

21    FOUNTAIN AT CHAMP DE MARS                                Stephan Presland                 15

21    MARKET STALLS                                                          Stephen Frost                       15

21    OBSTRUCTION                                                              Brian Davis                           15

21    POINTING THE WAY TO HEAVEN                               Martin Mosley                       15

21    SHARD                                                                            Andrew Evans                     15

21    STREET MUSICIANS                                                      Tim Ramsay                        15

21    THE WHEEL & THE SPIRE                                             Richard Beresford              15

21    WALKING IN THE RAIN                                                  Shirley Davis                      15

30    ENJOYING THE VIEW                                                     Tim Ramsay                       14

30    HONFLEUR PORT                                                           Stephan Presland              14

30    ON THE STREET                                                             Richard Johnson               14

30    SPOTTED                                                                         Shirley Davis                     14

30    TAKING A BREAK                                                           Tim Ramsay                      14

30    THE BIG ISSUE                                                                Will Nightingale                14

30    UTTER DISINTEREST                                                    John Rutherford                14

30    WAITING FOR THE BUS IN BARCELONA                    Richard Johnson              14

30    WATCHING THE PIGEONS                                            Richard Johnson              14

30    YOU KNOW WHO                                                           Stephan Presland             14